What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an alternate health remedy which entails massaging the foot, hand and typically the ears. The idea of foot reflexology Tucson Arizona is that the foot represents the whole body in miniature and that applying pressure to specific areas of the foot will enhance the functioning of particular organs within the body and improves the general properly being of an individual.

In reflexology, the body is divided into longitudinal zones or meridians. Each zone or meridian runs from the head to the toes and fingers. The body’s energy flows by means of these zones/ meridians and all the body parts and major organs that fall within every pathway are linked to one another and most importantly to the “reflex” area of the foot and hands. There are numerous reflexology foot and hand charts that show which components of the toes/ arms are linked to which body parts and organs, for example the tip of the toes on the foot represents the head and neck space – the ears, eyes, nostril and throat.

It is believed that disease is caused by blockages within these zones. Thus reflexology concentrates on utilizing pressure techniques on the reflexes of the foot, fingers and ears, to be able to filter out any blockages, which in turn reduces stress and pressure within the body. The overall impact of the reflexology treatment is to create a state of balance within the body that enables the body to heal itself and be healed.

Every remedy normally lasts between forty minutes and an hour. Because reflexology is holistic in nature, the reflexologist will start the session by engaged on all the foot and then goal specific areas of the foot. Areas on the foot that require additional work are normally parts of the foot that really feel tight and delicate in the course of the treatment.

Everybody from the very young to the old can profit from a reflexology treatment. Reflexology gives pain aid, particularly from migraines and sinus problems. It is useful for digestive and circulatory problems. Foot reflexology also will increase the blood and lymph circulation through out the body and stimulates the body to detoxify. Subsequently some people might expertise side results from a reflexology treatment. Some sufferers turn out to be very torpid the place as others may really feel nauseated or get a headache. Sufferers are advised to drink plenty of water after a treatment to assist the kidneys flush out the toxins.

Reflexology is a holistic various remedy that is preventive and therapeutic in nature. It does this by making use of pressure on the reflex areas of the foot and arms to be able to create a state of balance and concord within the body.