Exploring the West Coast of Curacao

On Tuesday 25thof September, I went on an amazingly wild ride to West Punt and back. On an orange powerboat I was able to go from Spanish Water, all the best way to Playa Piskado and back in seven hours! This tour was a fabulous strategy to see the island of Curaçao from a complete totally different perspective, with all her hidden secrets that can solely be discovered by Sea.

My day began at Fishermen’s Pier (Visserhaven) at 10 am, which is just left of Caracasbaai (on the suitable) and in one of many harbors on Spanish Water. After signing the waiver, tucking my bag away, once in my seat we quickly powered out of Spanish Water, and into open waters. Being seated on the right side, with the coast to my right, left me in just the best position to get constantly splashed each time we hit a wave just right. By the time we reached Mambo, I was positively soaked by, with my hat dripping water, and it was just pointless to wipe my sun shades dry. With how fast we were going, flying, jumping in the water I really couldn’t care less about being soaked. The boat ride was fun and just thrilling one its personal! Nevertheless, to be sincere it can be a little scary when we jumped out of the water and landed back into the ocean, so unexpectedly.

Our first stop at 10:45 was near the beach Kokomo, this cease was just a break in order that we might stretch a bit and have something to drink. Drinks are included on this trip and are available all through the tour! Right here we may see the clear, turquoise blue water and it appeared so inviting! Sadly, this is not our cease and we wouldn’t be stopping till Playa Piskado. On the best resort in curacao way to Piskado, we noticed all of the famous spots of Curaçao from the beaches reminiscent of Porto Mari, Cas Abao, Knip, and hidden gems in the sand, to the gorgeous nature and hotels.

By 11:30 we reached Playa Piskado where we might enter the blue waters and snorkel with the Sea Turtles there. I spent the next forty five minutes watching Sea Turtles come and go, diving underwater to see them closer. Quickly I swam back to the boat, having fun with the cool water, and seeing all this underwater life at Playa Piskado. Subsequent, we went to the attractive Playa Lagun, which is hidden between towering cliffs for lunch at Bahia. Bahia is positioned on the top cliff with a breath-taking view of the beach and the turquoise waters below. Enjoy the superb view, great meals, and even the kittens that roam the restaurant. After lunch, we went to the magical blue room and watch this hidden cave dance with shimmering blue lights.

After leaving the blue room, we cruised back in the direction of the east side of the island and we encountered the heavy current. Although it was considered an excellent day, present sensible, it was still very intense even with the knowledgeable navigating of our Captain Tamara. There have been a lot of jumps, dips, drops, and people on the left side have been splashed fairly a bit. Whereas most would find this thrilling, as it is a very exciting boat trip, it was just intense for me! I was very completely happy once we reached the rest stop close to Kokomo for a break. Quickly right here after we were in Punda having fun with the historic architecture in the city center and for an image stop. Our remaining cease was at St. Barbara for a fast refreshing swim earlier than we toured around Spanish Water. Within Spanish Water are the luxurious villas of Curacao. We explored deep inside Spanish Water, components I by no means saw before until we docked back at 5 pm.